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Best Thriller Movies of Recent Years

Our list of best original thriller movies of recent years is constantly being expanded. Here you will find names and plot descriptions. Later watch favorite movies on our website.

A Most Wanted Man

Based on the famous John le Carré bestseller, a spy thriller directed by Anton Corbijn, the creator of "Control" and "The American". The cast included, among others Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright Robin Wright.

Issa, a young and extremely exhausted Chechen, illegally infiltrates Hamburg. His arrival immediately causes concern for German and British intelligence. The mysterious man claims the right to a gigantic fortune deposited years ago in a private bank. The services suspect the newcomer of supporting terrorism. In a prepared provocation, not only agents will have their roles to play. The game will also include a young idealist, Annabel, a lawyer, and an elderly banker who is the only one who can know the truth about the origin of money. Is Issa a victim of an oppressive system or a deadly terrorist whose next move could prove tragic? The intelligence struggle and the race to which international security is at stake begins.

The Equalizer

McCall (Denzel Washington) has left his mysterious past behind and is ready to lead a new, peaceful life. But when he meets Teri (Chloë Moretz), a young girl controlled by ruthless Russian mobsters, she cannot stand by. Armed with his hidden abilities to fearlessly face all those who threaten the weaker and vulnerable, McCall abandons his voluntary retirement and gives voice to his dormant thirst for justice. If someone has a problem when everything is conspiring against and there is nowhere to run, McCall will help. He is WITHOUT MERCY.

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High Crimes

Ashley Judd plays the role of Claire Kubik - a brilliant, charming lawyer whose orderly world is in ruins. The FBI accuses her husband, Tom Jim Caviezel, of murdering innocent civilians in a covert military operation fifteen years ago. With the help of cunning former military lawyer Morgan Freeman, Claire fights to clear Tom's name. But in the process of gathering evidence, it comes dangerously close to uncovering secret government missions. Now she has to risk her career ... and even her life for the truth to come out.


How far are we able to go to protect ourselves and our country? When an extremist former nuclear expert (Michael Sheen "Underworld") plants explosives in three cities, anti-terrorist units go to action and quickly capture the criminal. However, it is not known where the bombs were planted. Time is running out, so FBI agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss "The Matrix") agrees to work with a mysterious investigator known as "H" (Samuel L. Jackson "Time to Kill"), whose brutal methods generally work perfectly well. A power struggle begins between Brody, "H" and the terrorist. What is about to happen is unimaginable.


Experienced detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino) saw everything related to the dark side of human nature during many years of work in the police - violence, murder, corruption. However, he continues to devote himself to each subsequent matter. He and his partner Hape travel to Alaska to look for the killer of a teenage girl there. The prime suspect is Walter Finch (Robin Williams), a crime novelist living in a remote area. During an unsuccessful ambush, a tragedy occurs - Will accidentally kills Hape. Tormented by remorse and increasing insomnia, Walter becomes a victim of the intrigues of the demon writer and with each passing day he loses more and more sense of reality.

Blade runner 2049

A Los Angeles police officer comes across information, hidden for years, that may plunge the remnants of society into chaos. The discovery leads him to search for Rick Deckard, a former blade hunter who went missing thirty years ago.

End of Watch

Extremely realistic and powerful film by the author of "Fast and the Furious" and "Trial Day". Taylor and Zavala, two young policemen, patrol the anxious streets of South Los Angeles. There is a constant war here, each day may be their last. The gangs have no mercy, so the police response must be just as tough. During a routine patrol, Taylor and Zavala discover a gruesome crime. Behind it is a powerful drug gang that passes a death sentence on policemen.

The director knows the realities of the police work in LA, which he proved by writing the scripts for "The Day of the Trial" or "The Police". This time, as a director, he applied a solution that adds authenticity to the film. Both policemen are equipped with miniature HD cameras that allow you to capture the most dramatic moments of their service. The scenes they shot show the cruelty, pain, fear, dedication and risk that officers take every day. Very realistic shots take the viewer straight into a hail of bullets on the streets of Los Angeles.

Seeking Justice

The life of Will Gerard, a busy English teacher, is irreversibly changed when his wife, Laura, becomes a victim of a brutal attack that seems to have no motive. Sitting by his wife's hospital bed, Will meets Simon - a stranger who says it's not worth waiting for the police to find the culprit and trust the justice system. Better to let his "organization" kill the attacker before dusk. In return, Will would owe Simon a favor. The shaky English teacher, accepting the proposal, initiates a series of events that will increasingly evolve out of his control.


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